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Pirogov Russian State Medical University
Course: «Anti-aging medicine and associated approaches to facilitation of a prolonged active life span»
Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies

The year 1990 witnessed the birth of a novel medical research and clinical field called anti-aging medicine. This year an article authored by Dr. Daniel Rudman and colleagues was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which described how Dr. Rudman and involved research team facilitated the partial regression of age-related degeneration by administrating growth hormone to senior patients.

The foregoing discovery led to the creation of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in 1993.

In Russia the first ever medical facility that solely concentrated its efforts on anti-aging medicine and associated sciences was created back in 2001 by a group of well-known physicians headed by Dr. Vladimir Undritzov.

It is worth noting considering the above-mentioned developments that the turn of the century proved to be a starting point for practical application of long-thought research dedicated to the extension of the healthy and active human life span. During this time researchers developed not only drugs and medications which possess anti-aging properties but also carried out studies which will in the nearest future significantly and positively impact existing human longevity.  

In 2009 the scientific board of the Pirogov Russian State Medical University decided to incorporate into the curriculum of the faculty of advanced medical studies a course dedicated to anti-aging medicine. The foregoing academic course is going to be headed by Dr. Vladimir Undritzov, MD, PhD. Being an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences and having accumulated more than 20 years of practical experience in the fields of geriatrics and endocrinology Dr. Undritzov co-authored a practical guide on gerontology edited by Professor V.N. Shabalin (Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). The above-mentioned facilitated the creation in Russia of a single knowledge-based cluster from a series of independent research institutions the sole purpose of which is to accumulate research data and develop approaches for their practical application.           

In addition to this, Dr. Undritzov is currently coordinating activities related to the creation of an Association which would unite medical practitioners involved in the application of latest anti-aging technologies.

It should also be emphasized that the research and clinical field headed by Dr. Undritzov and his practical experience of anti-aging medicine is at the very forefront of modern anti-aging medicine and in pace with the relevant developments and fundamental clinical research conducted by leading US and European research and clinical institutions. Dr. Undritzov’s main professional interests lie within the realm of pre-emptive treatment of atherosclerotic plaque formation in the arteries. This disease is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks both in Russia and abroad and accounts for an 80% mortality rate in patients whose main professional occupation is centered on managerial and executive duties. Both strokes and heart attacks are fatal complications of the atherosclerotic disease.      

The practical results of clinical trials which lead to the total removal of atherosclerotic plaques from arteries in participating patients were published in several Russian scientific journals and also publicly presented during the forum organized under the auspices of the Center of Social Innovations    http://www.cscp.ru/clauses/397/c/3641/

The third of a series of educational courses on the latest anti-aging technologies and their clinical application will take place in May 2011. The above-mentioned seminar cycle will be devoted to lecturing licensed physicians on the current medical approaches and associated methodology the sole purpose of which is to facilitate and prolong the so-called “active” human life span. Guest lecturers will include but not be limited to Professor Skulachev (Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences) author of the theory of phenoptosis (aka programmed aging), Professor Sukhikh (Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) pioneer of clinical application of stem cell therapy, Professor Shabalin (Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) head of the institute of gerontology, Professor Fedin (Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) chief vice-provost of the Pirogov Russian State Medical University, leading Russian expert in the field of age-related degeneration of the central nervous system, Professor Martynov, who during his tenure as the chief medical officer of the so-called Kremlin Hospital treated high-ranking elderly Politburo officials, Professor Kubanova (Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), etc.

It should be specifically stressed that Dr. Undritzov and his team of experts participating in the cycle of seminars devoted to current developments in the field of anti-aging medicine is based on in-depth understanding of intricacies related to aging processes and currently available treatments and technologies.

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Our Institute works in constant scientific collaboration with the Russian Institute of Gerontology (MZ) as well as with the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, the British Gerontological Society, and The British Society of Ageing Research. A number of the Institute's leading practitioners are active members of the Gerontological Society of Research into Ageing, and the American Academy of Sports Medicine.

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