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Ways of holding back ageing

With age we become more prone to illness. This has two basic causes: Firstly, the effective work of the immune system -- its ability to combat viruses, bacteria and cancer -- weakens with age...

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Endocrine-based longevity

With age the levels of most hormones are reduced, however one of the very active hormones of our organism, "cortizol", begins to rise in concentration.

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Gene-based longevity

Our DNA is the coded information we receive from our parents. It means that we are born with a unique code and predetermined tendencies in relation to the functioning of our metabolic processes, and other physical data...

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Methods Used for the Rejuvenation of Women

In the cosmetological department rejuvenation of the face and body is tailored to suit the needs of different age-groups...

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Rejuvenation Methods for Men

At what age do we start to realise that ageing is not a benign process but the destruction in the organism of all the basic life-giving systems (the immune system, the endocrine system and the central nervous system)?

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What is Anti-Ageing Medicine?

What you will read below will completely transform your attitudes to ageing; in doctors it will inspire a revolution in thinking about the processes that cause illness.

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How can we defy the aging process?

Soon, anti-aging therapies will be a significant part of medical practice and medical research. Experts agree that after 50 a man's vitality and stamina is not the same as when he was thirty.

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