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Programs for men

"Young Evergreen Cedar"
(Monthly program)

An anti-ageing program for men under 40 who understand that every passing day leads us into the next age group and that much of what you possess today will be lost if you do not take up the program.

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"Mature Evergreen Cedar"
(Monthly program)

An anti-ageing program for men from 40 to 70. If you have begun to notice that:

  • you tire easily
  • your libido is reduced
  • you are gaining weight
  • your eyesight is deteriorating
  • your general health is deteriorating
  • your energy level is falling
  • your muscle strength and tone is reduced
  • your self-control is deteriorating
  • you are experiencing periods of depression
  • you experience a lack of positive emotions

If you have even one of the signs listed above, this is the program for you.We know the causes of the loss of life-force, the loss of work capacity, energy and sexual potency. Getting rid of the causes that lead to these symptoms we can relight the dying fires and allow you to keep them burning for many years to come.

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"Unageing Evergreen Cedar"
(Monthly program)

Anti-ageing program for men over 70. By following all the recommendations, for every month of treatment you can regain youthfulness by one year.

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