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Programs for women

"Tea Rose"

A six-month program for women wanting to devote serious attention to cosmetological problems, and for those who have previously visited a beauty therapist on a regular basis, but who now wish to change to a clinic with a higher level of professional service and the latest medical technologies.

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"Flowering Sakura"

A six-month program for women trying to maintain beauty and youthfulness, who pay special attention to their outward appearance, and want to give serious attention to cosmetological problems that have built up.

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"Love for Women"

A year-long program including anti-ageing methods and the latest cosmetological techniques. For women who want to look young and feel great.

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"Scent of Mimosa"

A three-month program for women which enables them to resolve all problems of the face and figure, even the most pronounced.

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"White Lily"

An ultra-intensive program of cosmetological facial care for women of all ages. A ten-day problem treating all cosmetological problems of the face.

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"Pink Magnolia"

An ultra-intensive program of cosmetological care for the body. Intended for women of any age with unattractive fat-deposits and pronounced cellulite.

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"Radiant Dawn"

An anti-ageing program designed for women. A thirty-day program of intensive cosmetological therapy with an active effect on the ageing process.

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"Wild Orchid"

An ultra-intensive three-day program for women suitable for women of any age, allows you to radically alter the skin on the face, while avoiding surgical operations.

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"Mountain Stream"

A program of cleansing, diet-therapy and relaxation. A five-day program without intensive physical exertion. In comfort and peace you will solve problems of detoxifying the organism, get rid of the first signs of cellulite, and improve the structure of the skin on your face and body.

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